Skilled Manufacturing

Once again, it is time to celebrate National Manufacturing Month.  The U.S. manufacturing sector remains critical to the economic growth of our country.  With 75 years of combined experience in design and fabrication, Double R Manufacturing is proud to employ skilled Floridians and thrilled to deliver high-quality manufactured products throughout the nation.

Unique Benefits of Skilled Manufacturers

There is no denying the universal benefits of mass production in the manufacturing industry.  Assembly lines churning out high quantities of products have become essential to our daily life and societal growth.  Although let us never underestimate the importance of skilled manufacturers and engineers, striving to surpass the expectations of each unique customer.

Best Reasons to Choose Double R Manufacturing

In a world of mass-produced items and big-box stores, there are alternative benefits to choosing a smaller manufacturer with big ideas like Double R Manufacturing based in Ocala, Florida:

  • SKILL: Double R’s workforce has spent hours upon hours in comprehensive training programs to hone the creative skills needed to customize and fine-tune an array of products and equipment of nearly any complexity.
  • TALENT: It takes talent and expertise to do abrasive waterjet cutting, to perform sandblasting techniques, and to apply the perfect powder coating. Double R’s artisans couple talent with high-quality materials to provide superior products and services.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Through dedicated project management, Double R offers full-service customization. Custom fabrication is the art of making something unique and specific for your needs.  That includes meticulously bending, cutting, assembling, and delivering a limitless selection of colors, styles, and designs.
  • QUALITY: Through exceptional craftsmanship, Double R strives to deliver strong products with both functionality and longevity. Services include built-to-last fencing, gates, stairs, railings, stall doors, signage, shutters, and many other manufactured items.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING: Double R’s specialists can provide solutions that far surpass less-equipped retailers with ill-fitting, flimsy, mass-produced items lacking longevity. Our artisans also have techniques to transform a rusty piece of metal into a work of art.
  • ONE-STOP-SHOP: In addition to working with individuals and corporations on custom projects big and small, Double R is also your source for finding and choosing the best possible materials and manufactured items on the market.

Celebrate Manufacturing Month this October! Double R Manufacturing is ready to surpass your expectations. Call (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our durable products and skilled manufacturing services. 

Surface preparation by sandblasting

Sandblasting and its amazing benefits deserve to be in the spotlight this September.  Why, you ask? Because in the blink of an eye, the sandblasting department at Double R Manufacturing can give new life to an old piece of equipment or masterfully create a design of your dreams.

Through skillful sandblasting and meticulous workmanship, Double R’s artisans can transform a rusty piece of metal into a shiny new piece of art.  To help everyone understand the sandblasting process and its benefits, here are a few answers to customer questions.

Sandblasting Questions – Asked and Answered

– What is sandblasting?  During sandblasting (a/k/a abrasive blasting), tough surfaces are powerfully cleaned, crafted, or smoothed with a high-speed stream of air and solid particles. Double R’s professionals propel the stream toward a piece to create a desired effect.

– How does it work? First, air and solid particles (i.e., sand, grains, granulated bits) are mixed in the chamber of Double R’s high-quality sandblasting equipment.  Then our skilled artisans point the sandblasting equipment’s nozzle toward the surface of the piece (a sturdy material, such as steel) and forcibly blast that abrasive mixture to clean, craft, or smooth the piece.

– When is sandblasting done? Sandblasting has diverse purposes and is used in many industries.  In addition to cleaning off dirt, rust, corrosion, and contaminates – sandblasting also smooths a rough surface to improve the successfulness of sealants, coatings, or other applications.  Double R’s sandblasting experts can also use this technique to forcibly shape a surface or etch designs.

– Why choose sandblasting? This surface treatment process is suitable for cleaning and giving new life to old pieces or creating an array of new materials and types of equipment. At Double R Manufacturing, we also emphasize the benefits of sandblasting materials for surface coating preparation (such as final powder coating). Double R’s sandblasting techniques help ensure superior surface quality, corrosion prevention, and longevity.

– What can we sandblast?  You name the piece of metal, and Double R Manufacturing’s skilled engineers and craftsmen have the tools and solutions for you. Our sandblasting skills have helped us create a huge selection of entrance gates, barn and stall equipment, accessories, railings, stairs, custom steel wall art, carts, trailers, tool boxes, party grills, shelving, ramps, storage boxes, bars, serving tables, signage, marine products, and more.

Whether we work with an individual or corporation, one piece or thousands, Double R’s sandblasting department loves a challenge.

Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our products and services.  We are ready to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. 

October is National Manufacturing Month, a time to put a spotlight on the positive impact of manufacturing companies and skilled workers across America. This monthly observance stems from National Manufacturing Day, a day traditionally recognized on the first Friday in October to support and inspire future generations to seek careers in manufacturing.

Double R Manufacturing’s team of skilled engineers and craftsmen are proud to be part of a leading industry in Florida’s economy. Countless hours have gone into a wide-array of training programs to fine-tune machinery operations and sharpen skill-sets. Our talented workforce specializes in manufacturing and custom fabricating products that are built to last.

Manufacturing & Custom Fabrication

We all know that manufacturing is a broad term for making something.  It could be one item or the mass production of items. Custom fabrication, however, is the art of making something unique and specific for your needs. Double R Manufacturing’s custom fabrication and design services include meticulously bending, cutting, assembling, and delivering strong products with both functionality and longevity.

From abrasive water jet cutting of sheet metal to a smooth powder coating – Double R’s craftsmen combine skill with the best possible materials to provide the highest-quality of finished products.  As artisans and problem solvers, we can also use sandblasting techniques to turn a rusty piece of metal into a beautiful work of art. Our skills help us bring products and ideas of nearly any complexity to life.

With 75 years of combined experience in design and fabrication, we are thrilled to celebrate the limitless benefits of high-quality manufacturing. Our unique list of specialty items have included carts, trailers, tool boxes, roof supports, shelving, clothing racks, yard art, wall art, gun and storage boxes, hooks, small bridges, ramps, stairs, railings, bumpers, tables, benches, signage, marine products, and custom BBQs.  Around Ocala and North Central Florida, we are widely known for custom gates, entrances, stall doors, stall breeding stocks, and stall shutters.  The list doesn’t stop there. Double R Manufacturing is ready to surpass your expectations with durable products and equipment to meet your unique needs.

We work with individuals and corporations on projects big and small.  Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our products and services.