Made In America

The team at Double R Manufacturing is celebrating “Made in America Month” this December.  With the holiday shopping season in high gear and the new year on the horizon, now is an excellent time to support American companies.

The custom manufacturing industry often comes to mind when folks think about American ingenuity. The U.S. economy and millions of job opportunities rely on the success of large manufacturers as well as small manufacturers in local towns across the nation.

Established by President Raegan in 1985, “Made in America Month” brings timely attention to American manufacturers during the holiday season.  The average American spends around $700 on holiday shopping, according to past studies conducted by retail associations. Consumers spending their hard-earned cash on American-made products can take pride in knowing their dollars circulate back in to benefit their own communities.

Personalized Products, Gifts, and Customized Equipment
With full-scale operations based in Ocala, Florida, the team at Double R Manufacturing specializes in the fabrication and design of one-of-a-kind products and durable equipment. Businesses and residential customers trust Double R for custom gates, entrances, railings, banisters, barn equipment, trailers, and other manufactured items.

During the holiday season, there is always a notable influx in customers also seeking specialty pieces and personalized products, such as furniture, custom barbeques, signage, and beautiful wall art incorporating special patterns, logos, family names, or monograms. Customizing a manufactured item or personalizing a gift makes it more special.

Of course, big-box stores selling mass-produced items can serve a need and purpose, but custom manufacturers can exceed expectations with quality and satisfaction. When working with a local manufacturer like Double R Manufacturing, the possibilities are limitless for manufacturing styles, colors, and finishes.

Serving America’s Manufacturing Needs
Double R Manufacturing is prepared to build whatever you can imagine this holiday season and into the New Year. During the 2020 pandemic, Double R Manufacturing answered the call for businesses needing rushed items, new signage, and customized equipment.  Like many manufacturers across the nation, Double R’s team was proud to serve the needs of fellow Americans needing essential items and equipment made here at home.

Whether working with an individual homeowner or a large corporation, one piece or thousands, the team at Double R Manufacturing stands ready to serve the current and future needs of our customers here in Florida and across the nation.

Happy Holidays! Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to discuss your customized product needs and project goals for 2021. 

October is National Manufacturing Month, a time to put a spotlight on the positive impact of manufacturing companies and skilled workers across America. This monthly observance stems from National Manufacturing Day, a day traditionally recognized on the first Friday in October to support and inspire future generations to seek careers in manufacturing.

Double R Manufacturing’s team of skilled engineers and craftsmen are proud to be part of a leading industry in Florida’s economy. Countless hours have gone into a wide-array of training programs to fine-tune machinery operations and sharpen skill-sets. Our talented workforce specializes in manufacturing and custom fabricating products that are built to last.

Manufacturing & Custom Fabrication

We all know that manufacturing is a broad term for making something.  It could be one item or the mass production of items. Custom fabrication, however, is the art of making something unique and specific for your needs. Double R Manufacturing’s custom fabrication and design services include meticulously bending, cutting, assembling, and delivering strong products with both functionality and longevity.

From abrasive water jet cutting of sheet metal to a smooth powder coating – Double R’s craftsmen combine skill with the best possible materials to provide the highest-quality of finished products.  As artisans and problem solvers, we can also use sandblasting techniques to turn a rusty piece of metal into a beautiful work of art. Our skills help us bring products and ideas of nearly any complexity to life.

With 75 years of combined experience in design and fabrication, we are thrilled to celebrate the limitless benefits of high-quality manufacturing. Our unique list of specialty items have included carts, trailers, tool boxes, roof supports, shelving, clothing racks, yard art, wall art, gun and storage boxes, hooks, small bridges, ramps, stairs, railings, bumpers, tables, benches, signage, marine products, and custom BBQs.  Around Ocala and North Central Florida, we are widely known for custom gates, entrances, stall doors, stall breeding stocks, and stall shutters.  The list doesn’t stop there. Double R Manufacturing is ready to surpass your expectations with durable products and equipment to meet your unique needs.

We work with individuals and corporations on projects big and small.  Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our products and services.

September marks the peak of hurricane season in Florida, which prompts many of us to take action in protecting our homes and businesses. In addition to storm supplies and emergency preparedness kits, it is important to complete an exterior check before any storm to evaluate the durability of products, equipment, and other items around your property.

The best line of defense when battling rain or wind is making sure you have the best quality products possible. It is critical to ensure the proper fitting and durability of your fencing, gates, stairs, railings, stall doors, signage, shutters, and other manufactured items around your home or business. Many mass-produced items from big-box stores and other retailers can be flimsy, ill fitting, quick-to-chip, and lack longevity. That is why Double R Manufacturing specializes in the custom fabrication and design of built-to-last products and equipment.

The Beauty of Durable Designs
Double R Manufacturing’s skilled engineers and craftsmen strive to ensure each design and fabrication is superior in quality to our competitors. Our goal is to deliver products that are fit to weather our local storms in Ocala as well as handle the weather elements beyond Florida.  For example, our custom stall doors are manufactured using top-quality steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  We professionally coat the fully welded doors in a rust-inhibiting powder coating.  These durable coatings are available in thousands of colors to create beautifully finished products to fulfill each customer’s unique wishes.  

Imagine nautical images featured in a sturdy railing or a galloping horse design in the center of your elegant, fully welded entrance gate with a top-of-the-line operating system. With the right tools and experience, Double R Manufacturing is prepared to build whatever you can imagine.

Products and Services You Can Trust
From sandblasting and water jet cutting, to custom fabrication and final powder coating, our specialists use the best possible materials to provide the highest standard in finished products. We would be happy to discuss your options for products and materials built to withstand designated wind speeds or designed to prevent corrosion during storm season.  Through attentive service and beautifully designed products, Double R Manufacturing is ready to meet your needs and surpass your expectations with durable products and equipment. 

We work with individuals and corporations on projects big and small.  Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about are products and services.