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Based in tropical Florida, Double R’s experts understand the necessity of precision manufacturing for creating high-quality products to outlast the wind, rain, and storms. From the start, custom items and precise parts must be manufactured, prepared, and protected against the effects of rugged weather.

In recognition of National Preparedness Month this September, Double R Manufacturing and our CNC Machining experts are explaining the most protective benefits of customized products for residential homes, commercial businesses, farms, ranches, and other properties.

Machining, Precise Parts, and Custom-Fitted Designs

Machining experts and skilled manufacturers can create precise parts and custom-fitted designs to promote the sturdiness and longevity of products, equipment, and other items.

Weak materials and poorly fitted parts are the most susceptible to damage during storms or disasters. Many property owners can prevent a disaster before it strikes by opting for more durable products. Double R creates custom designs for manufactured pieces made with sturdy metals, steel, aluminum, and versatile plastics.

At Double R, we have skilled experts in CNC machining, manual machining, metal fabrication, sandblasting, abrasive waterjet cutting, precision welding, and many other processes to ensure functionality, while also improving abilities to withstand environmental conditions. These processes are crucial for building essentials like security gates, signage, stairs, fences, railings, shutters, doors, trailers, carts, tables, benches, and other pieces.

Weather-Resistant Equipment and Powder Coatings

Additionally, Double R adds powder coatings and special finishes for weather-resistant equipment. Lesser-quality items from big-box stores might seem like a bargain, but those could chip or fall apart in certain climates, costing you more money to replace down the road.

Through precision manufacturing from Double R, customers can reap the long-lasting benefits of hardwearing finishes and protective coatings in thousands of available colors and styles. Custom powder coatings help to prevent corrosion and prevent rust.

With over 75 years of combined experience in design and fabrication, Double R is prepared to manufacture, assemble, and deliver your unique items as well as provide fast turnaround on large-scale production runs.

We work with individuals and corporations on projects big and small.  Call Double R Manufacturing today at 1-800-813-3361 OR contact Double R’s machining experts at 352-873-1441 to learn more about our array of services and products.

Homeowners and businessowners are always looking for safe investments. Now could be a great time to consider the value of investing in American-made stairs and railings.

Surely, investing in sturdy stairways and new rails designed by Double R Manufacturing could help improve safety. But also, these investments could add aesthetic value to a property.

From spectacular staircases with landings and banisters for residential homes, to robust rails and platforms for commercial businesses or industrial warehouses – you can count on our Florida-based team of skilled engineers for superior design and value.

Manufacturing for Secure Stairways, Steps, and Metal Rails

Importantly, secure stairways, steps, and metal rails must be designed, fitted, and installed with precision. Double R Manufacturing’s team serves customers across the U.S. with customized manufacturing and solutions to fit your unique needs for design and safety.

Through custom fabrication, we can create an array of sizes and layouts for stairs and railings as well as banisters, variations of steps, custom landings, gates, and more. Our fabrication, machining, and manufacturing services include secure solutions for industrial environments as well as meticulous craftsmanship for intricate settings.

By offering made-to-order services, we can build any diameter or degree of steps. Our extensive range of skills include sandblasting, waterjet cutting, welding, CNC machining, powder coating, and other specialized manufacturing processes. We bend, cut, transform, and create finished products for complete functionality and safety.

Stylish and Durable Installations for Interiors and Exteriors

There is great value in beautiful design.  Whether a grand staircase, an aluminum railing system, or a regular picket railing, Double R surpasses expectations in both style and durability.

For example, consider the value of stylish and durable installations for stairs and railings. Many different balusters or ornamental additions could enhance your interior and exterior spaces.

The color options are also limitless. Double R specializes in the application of protective powder coatings in an array of colors and finishes.  Durable products with sealed powder coatings can also offer rust-inhibiting surfaces for longevity outdoors.

View our stairs and railings: View Here.

Are you ready to boost safety with new metal stairways? Would you like to invest in stylish railings and banisters for your home or business?  Double R Manufacturing looks forward to helping you customize products and equipment for your interiors and outdoor settings.

Let us help you customize high-quality products, stairs, railings, and more. Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our services.

In terms of product value, the unique customizations made possible through CNC machining are priceless. Our Florida-based manufacturing experts are bringing that value to customers nationwide through an array of specialties, including CNC and manual machining services.

Distinctively, Double R Manufacturing and Double R Machining can deliver fully customized equipment and products made of materials ranging from the sturdiest metals, steel, and aluminum to the most versatile plastics and nylon.

4 Facts About Double R’s CNC Machine Shop

From the initial prototyping to the final powder coating, here are some things you’ll see offered at Double R’s CNC machine shop and a few of our specialties:

  1. By combining skill with leading-edge equipment and sophisticated software, Double R Machining can program and create new designs to meet unique specifications. The possibilities are limitless.
  2. Double R’s CNC machine processes can transform a chunk of material into an operational piece of essential equipment for residential customers, commercial enterprises, farms, ranches, and organizations spanning the nation.
  3. Conveniently, our one-stop CNC Machine Shop is equipped with high-quality technologies and manufacturing equipment for high-quantity runs, large-scale projects, and ease in assembly processes.
  4. From one-off CNC prototypes to mass-production machining, Double R is flexible in problem solving, adapting to your project needs, and meeting your deadlines via express production and rapid turnaround times.

Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing Processes

Notably, our metal fabrication specialists have built a reputation in customizing built-to-last pieces for delivery to customers across America. Fabrication and manufacturing processes such as machining, welding, powder coating, sandblasting, and abrasive waterjet cutting are among Double R’s specialty services.

As examples, customized products include signage, gates, fencing, railings, stairs, barn equipment, stalls, trailers, truck conversions, custom BBQs, tables, bars, benches, carts, bumpers, small bridges, ramps, toolboxes, roof supports, shelving, wall art, racks, storage boxes, hooks, marine products, and more to enhance your residential or commercial properties.

Let us help you see and enjoy the valuable benefits of CNC machining. Call Double R’s machining experts today at 352-873-1441 to learn more about our services.

Who wants to have a blast this summer? Our metal sandblasting experts at Double R Manufacturing are having a creative blast with innovative designs. Just imagine how we could customize your new equipment or give new life to your old metal items.

Sandblasting Services by Double R Manufacturing

Across the nation, Double R Manufacturing has provided sandblasting services for businesses, managers, ranchers, farmers, and homeowners. Our customers have trusted us to design, build, and deliver durable products and essential equipment. We have also built a reputation for sparking creativity. Specifically, here are a few creative benefits of metal sandblasting:

  • First, sandblasting goes beyond the surface. In terms of creativity, sandblasting services do much more than scratch the surface. Even the toughest and sturdiest metals can be cleaned and smoothed with an abrasive blasting of air and solid particles. The high-speed stream can penetrate steel and metal for cleaning items or for crafting a unique piece.
  • Second, metal sandblasting gives new life to items. The technique is useful in creating brand new products or reviving rusted metal items from the past. Ask Double R’s artisans about how sandblasting helps us create superior products like entrance gates, stairs, railings, custom grills, trailers, carts, barn accessories, toolboxes, shelving, ramps, bars, tables, benches, indoor signs, exterior signage, marine products, and more.
  • Third, there is no creative limits for Double R’s team. You tell Double R your preferred style of product and metal type, and Double R gets set with a creative plan. Artfully, our team uses professional sandblasting equipment to clean off dirt, blast away corrosion, craft designs, and smooth surfaces.
  • Fourth, sandblasting helps us blast off with innovative projects. Once launched, sandblasting can be combined with other manufacturing services to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Double R’s team members also have extraordinary skills in waterjet cutting, welding, powder coating, design, and many other artful techniques.
  • Finally, Double R goes full blast into creative customizations. In addition to cleaning and smoothing, sandblasters can forcibly shape a metal surface or etch designs into a piece of metal. Also, creative customizations like color powder coatings and weatherproof sealants can be applied to ensure your product stands the test of time.

Double R has several photo galleries showing a wide selection of our customized products, equipment, and solutions. Our friendly team is ready to answer your questions about customizing products with metal sandblasting techniques and other manufacturing processes.

Our team is ready to help you. Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to discuss your customized product needs and project goals.

May is National Barbecue Month, and our friendly team at Double R Manufacturing is sharing the best ideas and features for customized barbecues. Whether you say BBQ, or spell it barbeque, there are countless customizations to consider for style and sizzle this summer.

Custom BBQ Grills and Smokers

First, let’s get cooking with a great looking BBQ grill. Customized barbecues, grills, or smokers from Double R will take your event to the next level. In contrast to generic-looking grills from your nearby big-box store, our custom designers can make your grill or smoker stand out with personalization, high-quality features, and custom add-ons.  Browse Double R’s gallery of BBQ grills and smokers

Trailers, Carts, and Truck Conversions

Next, feel free to pick a perfect location for your barbecue. Custom grills and smokers don’t have to stay at home during barbecuing season. Our custom trailers and carts can allow you to take your customized barbecues on the road to parks, beaches, parties, festivals, and events.

Uniquely, Double R is part of an elite industry of experts in customized trailers, carts, truck conversions, repairs, and full fabrication. This includes recreational, commercial, utility, cargo, and other specialty items. We invite you to view a few examples of our work

Personalized Picnic Tables, Bars, and Benches

Finally, give your guests a stylish seat to enjoy the world’s best barbecue at your business, home, or other gathering place. Picture personalized picnic tables, serving tables with your family name, or perhaps wood-and-metal restaurant tables and benches customized with your business logo.

Double R specializes in bringing your ideas to life with the accents and colors of your choosing for indoor and outdoor tables, bars, and benches. View a small sampling of styles at our gallery

National Source for Customized Equipment and Products

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, and every day in between, Double R Manufacturing is a national source for the design, assembly, and delivery of durable products and customized equipment. While you work on perfecting your signature BBQ sauce, our manufacturing experts will stay focused on serving up the best in manufacturing and custom designs.

Double R Manufacturing is ready to surpass your expectations this summer with customized barbeques, products, and equipment to meet your needs.  Call us today at (800) 813-3361.

Double R Manufacturing is celebrating National Decorating Month. If you want to double the benefits of decorating homes or updating businesses, consider adding custom-built pieces.

Forget the flimsy furniture, lack-luster signage, and faulty equipment. Double R’s experts are explaining two of the best ways to invest in both quality and style when selecting new items for your homes, ranches, farms, or businesses.

Customized Products, Equipment, and Decorative Pieces

American businessowners, ranchers, farmers, and residential homeowners deserve a return on their investments when buying customized products and equipment. Whether for decorative pieces or for essential business purposes, consider these decorating ideas:

  1. In terms of value for furniture and necessities, custom-built tables, bars, benches, and other pieces can add a level of style and sophistication. Double R’s customized products are built to outlast any rickety or out-of-the-box items. When decorating a home or business, your customized furniture will fit perfectly in a space to make the right impression. Just ask Double R’s skilled artisans and engineers about how we can help ensure the proper fitting and aesthetics for your setting.
  2. For personalized décor or business branding, wall art and custom signage are a must. Artfully, Double R’s design team can create customized wall art and signage with special patterns, images, names, monograms, or logos. We can incorporate a wide array of materials like custom stone, glass, wood, and metal. Consider decorating with glass cases to display special items, custom works of wall art and yard art, or professional interior and exterior signs for your business.

In addition to color customizations and decorative styles for furniture and signage, Double R provides many other types of manufacturing services. We design and manufacture gates, fencing, railings, stairs, barn equipment, trailers, truck conversions, custom BBQs, carts bumpers, small bridges, ramps, toolboxes, roof supports, shelving, clothing racks, storage boxes, hooks, marine products, and more to enhance your residential or commercial properties.

Manufacturing Items for Homes and Office Settings

We can weld, sandblast, waterjet cut, and transform steel, metal, wood, and other materials to create décor for your homes or office settings. Whether working with a homeowner during a remodel, or helping businessowners spotlight their corporate branding, Double R’s creative experts will surpass your expectations when manufacturing items.

Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to discuss customized furniture, products, and equipment to fit your budget, décor, style, and project goals.

Spring is a time for rebirth and re-building. At Double R Manufacturing, we celebrate the season by building extraordinary products with the protective benefits of powder coatings.

As a special skill, our manufacturers have mastered the art of powder coating. Our team is highlighting how professionally applied powder coatings can add versatility and durability to your customized items, products, or equipment.

Powder-Coated Steel, Aluminum, and Metal Products

With limitless colors and designs, here are a few of the best benefits of Double R’s powder-coated steel, aluminum, and other metal products.

  • As a protective barrier, a professional powder coating can help shield against corrosion and rust caused by natural elements or rough environments. Powder coatings are a solution for longevity in battles against spring showers, storms, and strenuous settings.
  • As a durable sealant, rust-proof powder coatings may also help prevent any excessive wear-and-tear, such as peeling, flaking, chipping, warpage, and general breaking down of products and equipment. A sealant can add a layer of strength to your newly manufactured items or give new life to an older item.
  • As a finishing technique, powder coatings offer aesthetic appeal and versatility in terms of colors and styles. Customized products can match any taste. Consider everything from shimmering pastels for a spring vibe to bronzes for an antique finish.

Powder Coating and Manufacturing for Superior Products

A powder coating may be the final touch, but it is important to remember that Double R’s team can work with you from the initial concept to the final design and delivery.

In addition to powder coating, Double R’s design specialists are also trained in all processes needed for steel manufacturing and metal fabrication. The precision of waterjet-cutting techniques and the art of sandblasting allows for the intricate cutting, shaping, etching, smoothing, and cleaning of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and other materials.

Overall, Double R’s talent and artistry results in far superior products when compared to assembly-line items or unprofessional attempts at seals, coatings, or restorations. As professionals, we ensure clean lines, smoothness, and mirror-like surfaces to allow for the perfect application of protective sealants and brilliant powder coatings.

Leverage the power of powder coatings for your barn and stall equipment, steel gates for businesses and residences, or an array of other metal products and equipment for your needs.

Double R Manufacturing is ready to surpass your expectations this spring and throughout the year. Call us today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our other products and services.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Each year, new design trends begin to form. The team at Double R Manufacturing is busy designing pieces in the newest styles, but we are also forming a few of our own trends through metal customizations.

For the latest 2023 designs, someone may ask us to restore a metal item by applying a vibrant powder-coating color like Viva Magenta, which is Pantone’s Color of the Year. Better yet, let us explain how our fabrication experts will design around your visions for custom-built pieces.

Customizing and Fabricating Metal Products and Equipment

Across the nation, there is a growing demand for sleek metal products, equipment, accessories, stylish furniture, hardware, and accents.  Specifically, when customizing equipment, the most-desired materials include steel, stainless steel, sheet metal, aluminum, and brass.

As trends in 3D printing and digital arts emerge, it is clear the highest quality pieces still require the creativity and experience of skilled manufacturers. Hands-on experts know the complex techniques needed for cutting, bending, assembling, and delivering top-of-the-line products.

When fabricating metal products and equipment, certain pieces may need to be sandblasted, casted, molded, sheared, bent, folded, welded, stamped, pressed, or processed in any number of techniques to achieve the desired results for our customers.

At Double R, we can customize single or mass quantities of items for residential customers, commercial enterprises, public entities, farms, or ranches.

Plus, we stay up to date on the latest styles, features, and trends for essential equipment like security gates, doors, fences, stairs, railings, shutters, barn accessories, stalls, and countless other manufactured products.

Metal Restoration and Personalization of Special Pieces

In addition to essential products and equipment, Double R provides restoration and personalization. We can restore special pieces, add branding, and manufacture brand new items like signage, carts, trailers, shelves, racks, bars, tables, benches, yard art, wall art, gun/storage boxes, small bridges, and custom barbeque grills.

In recent years, there has been new design trends in metal restoration. Rather than disposing of old or rusty pieces, many people want to repurpose or restore items for new uses. Double R can help you restore a family heirloom or re-color and add design features to special pieces.

With 75 years of combined experience in design and fabrication, Double R Manufacturing’s metal-fabrication specialists are ready to manufacture your 2023 products in the latest materials, colors, styles, sizes, and specifications for your unique needs.

Whether we work with an individual or a corporation, one piece or thousands, we enjoy bringing your product visions to life. Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more.

In celebration of International Creativity Month, Double R Manufacturing joins people around the world in recognizing the benefits of creative design. In many ways, creativity improves manufacturing and adds value to your products and equipment.

Creativity in manufacturing, specifically, is where Double R’s team shines. Our skilled manufacturers and artisans love bringing your visions to life and thinking outside the box when designing, creating, and building. Consider these reasons to choose our creative team:

  1. Creatively Built Items Combine Skilled Arts with Quality Materials

Meticulously, Double R’s team strives to create the best quality items. Our unique combination of skill, creativity, and precision is put into casting, molding, welding, sandblasting, waterjet cutting, assembling, and powder coating. Our skills ensure superior quality, longevity, and aesthetic appeal.

In contrast to low-quality materials used by generic suppliers of mass-produced items, our skilled manufacturers work with only the best possible materials, steel, and metal.  Whether one item or thousands created from an original design, Double R’s products and equipment are built to stand the test of time.

  1. Creative Design Improves the Fit and Functionality of Items

Quality design demands a certain level of creativity.  Fabrication, assembly, and even delivery requires creative processes and specifications to ensure a perfect fit for manufactured items. Style and functionality are both improved when combining creativity and skill.

In addition to the perfect measurements, we bring your concepts and ideas to fruition with customized colors, logos, or features. Double R’s creative thinkers can build pieces tailored for a specific time, place, or situation. Customers may supply a photo, image, CAD file, or description to spark the creative process.

  1. Customized Products are Limitless with a Creative Mindset

As part of an elite industry of skilled manufacturers, Double R’s team has served and surpassed the expectations of homeowners, businessowners, public entities, farmers, ranchers, and others across America.

Through custom fabrication, Double R’s services include gates, fencing, railings, stairs, signage, tables, bars, benches, barn equipment, trailers, truck conversions, custom BBQs, carts bumpers, small bridges, ramps, toolboxes, roof supports, shelving, clothing racks, yard art, wall art, storage boxes, hooks, marine products, and much more.

As we begin this New Year, Double R Manufacturing looks forward to surpassing your creative expectations with customized products and equipment.

Double R Manufacturing works with individuals and corporations on projects big and small. Call us today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about creating new products and equipment.

Custom Breeding Stall

Americans run farms, barns, and ranches with loving care as well as careful budgeting. Buying barn and farm equipment at the end of the fiscal year is a wise choice for business-savvy farmers, horse trainers, and ranchers. The right purchases now could add up to year-end savings and opportunities for business tax deductions.

Based in Ocala, Double R Manufacturing is ready to help you make the best buying decisions. Our team is prepared to design and deliver the equipment and products you’ll need for 2023.

Custom-Made Equipment for Horse Farms and Facilities

National Horse Day is held during December, but Double R believes every day is important for promoting safe and comfortable equine settings. Our specialty services include custom-made equipment for horse farms, stables, horse tracks, and training facilities.

Generally, the most essential barn and stall equipment includes stall doors, stall-window bars, shutters, grills, blanket bars, racks, and other durable hardware items that can handle rugged conditions.  Double R manufactures and delivers those items, but we can also recommend special customizations for size, design, colors, ornamental accents, images, or logos.

Built-to-Last Barn Accessories and Farm Essentials

Farmers and ranchers need barn accessories and robust farm equipment to maintain proper living conditions for livestock, horses, and farm animals. That is why Double R manufactures heavy-duty products deemed superior to generic items sold by big-box stores and retailers.

For example, Double R’s skilled manufacturing processes include sandblasting, welding, water jet cutting, custom fabrication, and rust-inhibiting powder coatings to create the perfect solution for sheltering, feeding, and breeding. This includes doors, window grills, stall-breeding stocks, and sliding shutters as well as custom-built stairs, banisters, and railings.

Barn Signage, Property Markers, and Sturdy Gates

Of course, gates are critical for protecting property, but property markers like exterior signs for farms, interior barn signage, and other signs are also safe investments for your business.

Moreover, entrance gates and exit gates with security features will help ensure safe and secure settings for you, trainers, farmhands, staff, and visitors. Double R’s team welcomes you to reach out to us for help with custom projects, equipment, and products featuring logos, accents, and other specifications for your farm, barn, or ranch.

Contact Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our products and services. Our team is ready to surpass your expectations now and in the New Year.