It is easy to find metal fabrication services for nearly any project. From metal restoration for historic pieces to mass production of essential products – there are manufacturing options and machining experts to help bring your visions to life.

With Florida-based facilities delivering services to customers nationwide, Double R’s team of skilled specialists are explaining how today’s technologies and tools can customize structures with the sturdiest metals, steel, aluminum, and other materials.

CNC Machining, Welding, and Manufacturing Processes
Double R has many manufacturing processes to transform raw materials into infinite possibilities for property owners and commercial customers. CNC machining and welding are among the most important specializations needed to create customized items.

Corporations, ranchers, and homeowners alike can find metal fabrication services to fit any needs for welding as well as cutting, bending, folding, casting, or molding. Double R also uses techniques like sandblasting and waterjet cutting for special projects.

Depending on the desired results, customers also benefit from Double R’s expertise in Aluminum GTAW (TIG). Other projects may include GMAW, FCAW, and GTAW welding on steel and stainless steel.

Advanced Technologies, One-Off Items, and Mass-Production
As talented specialists, Double R’s designers have the advanced technologies, skillsets, materials, equipment, and assembly processes to provide one-off items or mass-production. Other manufacturers can’t compete in quality, materials, colors, styles, sizes, and specifications.

At Double R, our manufacturing and machining experts utilize CNC plasma tables, press brake, and welding equipment to build fixtures and any number of items. It is a complete source for custom projects, assembly processes, and high quantity runs with express production.

Yes, tools and technologies have advanced during our decades of experience, but our creative experts continue to find metal fabrication to be a hands-on artform.

Manufacturing and Customizing Metal Products and Equipment
In terms of manufacturing, customers can find metal fabrication services most useful for customizing metal products and equipment. Double R’s best work includes signage, gates, fencing, railings, stairs, barn equipment, stalls, trailers, truck conversions, custom BBQs, tables, bars, benches, carts, bumpers, small bridges, ramps, toolboxes, roof supports, shelving, wall art, racks, storage boxes, hooks, marine products, and countless items.

From cutting and welding, to assembling and delivering across America, Double R provides a one-stop-shop for metal products and equipment.

Whether we work with an individual or a corporation, one piece or thousands, we enjoy bringing your product visions to life. Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more.

Manufacturing requires technical skill, but there is an art to designing custom prototypes. In celebration of International Artist Day on October 25, Double R’s manufacturing and machining experts are recognizing how creativity impacts everything from prototyping to powder coating.

Rapid Prototyping and Production Processes

Our Florida-based manufacturing experts and CNC machining specialists customize equipment and production parts in metals, plastics, and more. Of course, our rapid prototyping and production processes are streamlined for accuracy, but our artistic process must also quickly adapt and adjust to all project needs to achieve your desired results.

With full-service manufacturing facilities and a CNC machine shop, Double R’s Ocala locations have arsenals of equipment, machinery, and artistic tools to custom design almost anything for rapid prototyping.

Double R’s experts also utilize CAD/CAM software for viewing, adjusting, drawing, editing, and creating one-of-a-kind designs for production. Custom prototypes, specifically, require skill in 3D CAD files, analytical thinking, and quick problem-solving capabilities for creating each piece.

Notably, only the sturdiest and most durable materials are used to fit the specified needs of rapid prototyping and production processes.  Metal, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, brass, nylon, plastics, Delrin, HDPE, and other materials may be customized for unique specifications in manufacturing different prototypes, products, or equipment.

CNC Prototypes, Artistic Skill, and Design

Through artistic skill and versatility in design, Double R delivers CNC prototypes in limitless designs, styles, colors, specifications, and parts for businesses and residential customers.

Artistically, our production processes range from machining and welding to sandblasting and abrasive waterjet cutting. Double R also offers colorful options and styles for powder coatings. Our creative techniques in design allow for achieving any artistic vision for customized finishes.

Whether a unique piece of equipment or mass quantities of commercial products, Double R manufactures a broad range of durable items. Our manufacturers design custom prototypes and production parts for corporations, suppliers, farmers, ranchers, public entities, and homeowners. Our deadline-driven prototyping phase includes express production for customers nationwide.

With decades of hands-on experience, Double R Manufacturing’s metal-fabrication specialists along with Double R Machining’s experts are ready and equipped to deliver for you. Ask our friendly team about rapid production for handling anything from one-off CNC prototypes to meeting your demands for mass production. Visit Double R Machining’s website here.

Whether we work with an individual or a corporation, one custom prototype or thousands of parts, we enjoy bringing artistic visions to life. Call us at (800) 813-3361 to learn more.