Spring is a perfect time to start projects for custom metal products. Ideas bloom with new ways to update your homes, businesses, farms, and facilities. The experts at Double R Manufacturing and Double R Machining are answering spring’s call to create everything from outdoor furniture to grand entrance gates and customized equipment.

Special Requests for Manufacturing and Machining
Whether we work with a homeowner or a large organization, it is our passion to meet your special requests in manufacturing. Double R’s skills in sandblasting, waterjet cutting, welding, and machining allows us to customize an array of durable items.

Daily, at our manufacturing facilities and our CNC Machine shop in Florida, Double R’s experts are customizing the sturdiest products. We make pieces from high-quality metals, steel, aluminum, and other materials. Special orders for custom metal products include:

  • Specialty Trailers and Truck Conversions: Double R’s team is nationally known for specialty trailers, custom truck conversions, and metal products. Ask about fabrication and special requests for commercial, utility, cargo, boat, camper, BBQ, and more for spring.
  • Custom Grills and BBQs: Customers love adding high-quality features, logos, accents, and personalization to grills, smokers, BBQs, and metal products. Whether for tailgating or serving customers, Double R customizes to match your style and tastes.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Furniture: Business and residential customers come to Double R with special requests for indoor and outdoor furniture, picnic tables, dining tables, custom-made bars, cabinets, and benches made of wood and metal.
  • Manufactured Gates: Double R custom designs metal products and manufactures high-quality entrance gates and exits. We customize fully welded gates of all sizes and styles. Manufactured gates offer functionality, security, and accessibility features of your choice.
  • Custom Stairs and Railings: Through custom fabrication, stairs and railings can provide both safety and aesthetic value for homes, businesses, and industrial settings. Double R’s manufacturing expertise allows us to build any size, diameter, or degree of steps.
  • Barn Equipment and Accessories: From sprawling ranches to family farms, Double R specializes in serving the equine community and farmers. We customize rust-proof metal products, stalls, doors, window bars, accessories, and barn equipment.

Double R is springing to action to fulfill custom manufacturing orders and machining requests for customers across the U.S. this spring and throughout the year. Ask us about rapid turnaround times to meet your goals for a one-of-a-kind piece or large projects for mass-produced items.

Double R’s highly trained experts are prepared to surpass your expectations with high-quality metal products, equipment, and services. Call us today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more.

Homeowners and businessowners are always looking for safe investments. Now could be a great time to consider the value of investing in American-made stairs and railings.

Surely, investing in sturdy stairways and new rails designed by Double R Manufacturing could help improve safety. But also, these investments could add aesthetic value to a property.

From spectacular staircases with landings and banisters for residential homes, to robust rails and platforms for commercial businesses or industrial warehouses – you can count on our Florida-based team of skilled engineers for superior design and value.

Manufacturing for Secure Stairways, Steps, and Metal Rails

Importantly, secure stairways, steps, and metal rails must be designed, fitted, and installed with precision. Double R Manufacturing’s team serves customers across the U.S. with customized manufacturing and solutions to fit your unique needs for design and safety.

Through custom fabrication, we can create an array of sizes and layouts for stairs and railings as well as banisters, variations of steps, custom landings, gates, and more. Our fabrication, machining, and manufacturing services include secure solutions for industrial environments as well as meticulous craftsmanship for intricate settings.

By offering made-to-order services, we can build any diameter or degree of steps. Our extensive range of skills include sandblasting, waterjet cutting, welding, CNC machining, powder coating, and other specialized manufacturing processes. We bend, cut, transform, and create finished products for complete functionality and safety.

Stylish and Durable Installations for Interiors and Exteriors

There is great value in beautiful design.  Whether a grand staircase, an aluminum railing system, or a regular picket railing, Double R surpasses expectations in both style and durability.

For example, consider the value of stylish and durable installations for stairs and railings. Many different balusters or ornamental additions could enhance your interior and exterior spaces.

The color options are also limitless. Double R specializes in the application of protective powder coatings in an array of colors and finishes.  Durable products with sealed powder coatings can also offer rust-inhibiting surfaces for longevity outdoors.

View our stairs and railings: View Here.

Are you ready to boost safety with new metal stairways? Would you like to invest in stylish railings and banisters for your home or business?  Double R Manufacturing looks forward to helping you customize products and equipment for your interiors and outdoor settings.

Let us help you customize high-quality products, stairs, railings, and more. Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our services.