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In celebration of International Creativity Month, Double R Manufacturing joins people around the world in recognizing the benefits of creative design. In many ways, creativity improves manufacturing and adds value to your products and equipment.

Creativity in manufacturing, specifically, is where Double R’s team shines. Our skilled manufacturers and artisans love bringing your visions to life and thinking outside the box when designing, creating, and building. Consider these reasons to choose our creative team:

  1. Creatively Built Items Combine Skilled Arts with Quality Materials

Meticulously, Double R’s team strives to create the best quality items. Our unique combination of skill, creativity, and precision is put into casting, molding, welding, sandblasting, waterjet cutting, assembling, and powder coating. Our skills ensure superior quality, longevity, and aesthetic appeal.

In contrast to low-quality materials used by generic suppliers of mass-produced items, our skilled manufacturers work with only the best possible materials, steel, and metal.  Whether one item or thousands created from an original design, Double R’s products and equipment are built to stand the test of time.

  1. Creative Design Improves the Fit and Functionality of Items

Quality design demands a certain level of creativity.  Fabrication, assembly, and even delivery requires creative processes and specifications to ensure a perfect fit for manufactured items. Style and functionality are both improved when combining creativity and skill.

In addition to the perfect measurements, we bring your concepts and ideas to fruition with customized colors, logos, or features. Double R’s creative thinkers can build pieces tailored for a specific time, place, or situation. Customers may supply a photo, image, CAD file, or description to spark the creative process.

  1. Customized Products are Limitless with a Creative Mindset

As part of an elite industry of skilled manufacturers, Double R’s team has served and surpassed the expectations of homeowners, businessowners, public entities, farmers, ranchers, and others across America.

Through custom fabrication, Double R’s services include gates, fencing, railings, stairs, signage, tables, bars, benches, barn equipment, trailers, truck conversions, custom BBQs, carts bumpers, small bridges, ramps, toolboxes, roof supports, shelving, clothing racks, yard art, wall art, storage boxes, hooks, marine products, and much more.

As we begin this New Year, Double R Manufacturing looks forward to surpassing your creative expectations with customized products and equipment.

Double R Manufacturing works with individuals and corporations on projects big and small. Call us today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about creating new products and equipment.

Custom Breeding Stall

Americans run farms, barns, and ranches with loving care as well as careful budgeting. Buying barn and farm equipment at the end of the fiscal year is a wise choice for business-savvy farmers, horse trainers, and ranchers. The right purchases now could add up to year-end savings and opportunities for business tax deductions.

Based in Ocala, Double R Manufacturing is ready to help you make the best buying decisions. Our team is prepared to design and deliver the equipment and products you’ll need for 2023.

Custom-Made Equipment for Horse Farms and Facilities

National Horse Day is held during December, but Double R believes every day is important for promoting safe and comfortable equine settings. Our specialty services include custom-made equipment for horse farms, stables, horse tracks, and training facilities.

Generally, the most essential barn and stall equipment includes stall doors, stall-window bars, shutters, grills, blanket bars, racks, and other durable hardware items that can handle rugged conditions.  Double R manufactures and delivers those items, but we can also recommend special customizations for size, design, colors, ornamental accents, images, or logos.

Built-to-Last Barn Accessories and Farm Essentials

Farmers and ranchers need barn accessories and robust farm equipment to maintain proper living conditions for livestock, horses, and farm animals. That is why Double R manufactures heavy-duty products deemed superior to generic items sold by big-box stores and retailers.

For example, Double R’s skilled manufacturing processes include sandblasting, welding, water jet cutting, custom fabrication, and rust-inhibiting powder coatings to create the perfect solution for sheltering, feeding, and breeding. This includes doors, window grills, stall-breeding stocks, and sliding shutters as well as custom-built stairs, banisters, and railings.

Barn Signage, Property Markers, and Sturdy Gates

Of course, gates are critical for protecting property, but property markers like exterior signs for farms, interior barn signage, and other signs are also safe investments for your business.

Moreover, entrance gates and exit gates with security features will help ensure safe and secure settings for you, trainers, farmhands, staff, and visitors. Double R’s team welcomes you to reach out to us for help with custom projects, equipment, and products featuring logos, accents, and other specifications for your farm, barn, or ranch.

Contact Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our products and services. Our team is ready to surpass your expectations now and in the New Year.

As we reach the peak of the holiday shopping season, our team at Double R Manufacturing is stepping up to design and build custom-made gifts for everyone on your holiday lists.

With rising inflation and costs soaring at retail stores, many people are putting more thought into their purchases. Rather than flimsy or frivolous items, savvy shoppers are choosing quality and thoughtfulness through personalized products and customized equipment.

Double R’s Gift-Giving Guide for Customized Products

Based in Ocala, Florida, the talented design team at Double R Manufacturing is prepared to help create and deliver one-of-a-kind gifts to the people you know and love across the nation. Here is Double R’s gift-giving guide for friends, families, neighbors, and business associates:

  • Gifts to Make an Impression: There are countless store bought gifts to consider, but custom-made gifts will wow the recipients. Imagine someone’s reaction when receiving a customized piece of furniture, such as a table, bar, or bench featuring their name, logo, or a special image. Other great gifts include wall art, yard art, custom carts, keepsake boxes, and signage personalized for him or her. Whether a bright sign designed for the world’s best teacher, or a specialty item for your boss – Double R can customize it.
  • Custom Gifts They Can Enjoy: Depending on your budget, consider customized products for the people you know and love the most. For example, if your sibling or best friend loves grilling, Double R’s engineers can help you fire up customized grills and smokers to match their tastes, such as adding their favorite team’s logo. As another example, there are many customized gift options for equine enthusiasts, like signage with a horse’s names or custom-made barn equipment and accessories.
  • Big Gifts with a Purpose: If you really want to impress someone, consider going big in terms of size and customization. Perhaps your spouse has always wanted a beautiful entrance gate, a custom railing, or a fancy fence for your property. Double R can customize fences and fully welded gates that swing or slide to enhance the beauty of any property. Select special features, ornamental finials, scrollwork, lettering, monograms, colors, and styles to make it a gift that stands the test of time.

From Precise Products to Essential Equipment

Double R Manufacturing’s engineers and artisans have honed extraordinary skills in sandblasting, waterjet cutting, welding, powder coating, design, and other artful techniques. Nationwide businesses and residential customers trust us for precise products and essential equipment that is built to last.  One piece or thousands, our team is ready to help you wrap up ideas for the perfect gifts this holiday season and in the New Year.

Happy Holidays! Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to discuss your customized product needs and project goals.

National Manufacturing Day is recognized on October 1st, but Double R Manufacturing celebrates skilled manufacturers every day of the year.

In today’s global marketplace, customers have countless options when buying products and equipment. There are many incentives, however, for working with highly skilled manufacturers as opposed to buying generic items from production lines. With over 75 years of combined experience in high-quality design and fabrication, our team is noting the value-added benefits of choosing skilled manufacturing services.


First, it is important to mention the current state of the U.S. manufacturing industry. The sector has endured international supply chain disruptions due to world events over the past few years. Many big-box retailers and foreign suppliers have simply come up short.

Fortunately, with Double R’s Florida-based team staying focused on meeting our customers’ demands, our skilled manufacturers have managed to surpass expectations in terms of quality, reliability, delivery, and assembly for the perfect fit.


As opposed to automation and robotics, a skilled manufacturer brings the knowledge and creative experience to ensure each design is up to your standards. Every piece is worked on until it is deemed flawless by a skilled eye. Unlike robotic assembly lines, highly trained men and women can leverage their hands-on expertise in sandblasting, waterjet-cutting, welding, powder coating, and other skills to transform a boring piece of metal into a shining work of art.

Also, Double R Manufacturing can create one piece or a batch of thousands for individuals, businesses, and organizations across the nation. Large-quantity orders are no problem. The special incentive for choosing Double R for large quantities is that we can mass produce products that are totally customized for your needs. Most big-box stores and suppliers with generic product lines cannot make that promise.


What is most enticing is the functionality and longevity of Double R’s materials and products.  Our skilled manufacturers use superior forms of metal, steel, wood, and other materials to design and build the most durable solutions.

To sum it up, there are many incentives to choose Double R Manufacturing. We design fences, gates, stairs, railings, stall doors, barn equipment, shutters, tables, benches, carts, racks, bridges, trailers, grills, BBQs, yard art, signage, and other manufactured items. The best incentive of all is that it all can be customized with limitless colors and specifications.

Have we incentivized you to choose our high-quality services? Call Double R Manufacturing at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about customized products and equipment.

Fall sports fans are cheering at tailgating parties and outdoor events. Our team at Double R Manufacturing wants to help you enjoy the season and celebrate National Tailgating Month this September with custom-built trailers, barbeques, grills, smokers, and stylized carts.

Whether you are a football fan attending your local team’s tailgating party, or you are a barbeque food vendor traveling to fall festivals across the U.S., Double R can help stylize and optimize your trailers, carts, and trucks for fantastic food and fun.

Custom Grills, BBQs, and Smokers for Fall Events

Barbecuing and grilling before a big game are American traditions. Local, high school, college, and national leagues all host great tailgating parties and fall events in parking lots and outside stadiums nearly every weekend throughout autumn.

Fittingly, Double R’s team is putting a special focus on fabricating trailers, BBQs, smokers, grills, and carts this fall. From the sturdy metals to the welding and assembling, customers are always impressed by the level of detail and quality of each custom-built item.  Stylizations also include countless color options for the final powder coating, meaning your team’s colors can always be fully displayed at your tailgating party.

As for businesses and commercial vendors, they also love adding customized features like logos and promotional signage to trucks, trailers, carts, grills, and smokers.  Best of all, vendors trust that a Double R-designed piece will last the long haul. These are not rickety or generic items. Double R customizes items to last throughout all seasons and long-distance travels.

As always, customers are welcome to supply logos or describe their creative ideas to launch the custom-design process. View a few examples of past designs delivered to valued customers across the U.S.: Custom Barbeque Grills.

Manufacturing Services for Trailers and Truck Conversions

At Double R Manufacturing, we understand that reliability and durability is essential not only during the tailgating party, but also after the party is over. Customers choose Double R for fabrication as well as full maintenance for carts and brand-name trailers, including lighting, axles, and bearings.

Remember, however, Double R is not just a one-trick pony for your tailgating party. Beyond the barbeque carts and trailers, we are among an elite industry of experts in trailer repairs, truck conversions, and full fabrication for commercial, utility, cargo, boat, camper, and other specialty equipment. View our gallery of trailers and truck conversions at: Truck Conversations.

Double R Manufacturing wishes you a happy tailgating season. Contact us to help kick off your fall events with high-quality products and equipment. Call us today at (800) 813-3361. 

In celebration of American Artist Appreciation Month, the Florida-based team at Double R Manufacturing is detailing the precision of waterjet cutting as an artform.

American artists include painters, photographers, designers, sculptors, and many other talented specialists.  From wall art to custom product design and equipment manufacturing, Double R’s artisans are proud to help customers bring their artistic visions to life through waterjet cutting.

Uniquely, the high-powered, jet-stream technique of waterjet technology has been useful in sculpting and transforming an array of materials into works of art for decades across America.

Here are the top three reasons to appreciate waterjet cutting as an artform:

  1. Waterjet Cutting is an Artistic Technique Used by Skilled Manufacturers.

Put simply, art is the creation of something unique and one-of-a-kind. Custom fabrication through the waterjet-cutting process provides both beauty and functionality.

In addition to one-of-a-kind wall art and custom furniture, the abrasive waterjet technique can help ensure the sturdiness and preciseness for essential products and equipment, such as fencing, gates, stairs, railings, stall doors, signage, shutters, and other manufactured items.

  1. Waterjet Cutters Can Transform Soft Plastics or the Toughest Titanium.

Wonderfully, waterjet cutters are not limited to one type of art medium. Skilled waterjet cutters can drill and cut unique designs, shapes, angles, quality edges, and holes into materials including, but not limited to: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Granite, Nylon, Mild Steel, Marble, Ceramic Tile, Glass, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Fiberglass, Brass, and Carbon Fiber.

  1. Double R’s Waterjet-Cutting Services Offer Limitless Design Options.

Double R’s waterjet-cutting specialists are ready to complete the finest of details to accomplish your artistic goals. Some customers like to describe their ideas and supply a CAD file with size requirements, while others ask us to let our creative juices flow for a unique design.

For flair or personalization, customers may want to add logos, monograms, or ornamental accents to Double R’s manufactured products and equipment. Corrosion-resistant and rust-proof powder coatings also come in a vast array of colors to finalize a perfect piece.

With over 75 combined years of design and fabrication experience, Double R Manufacturing’s experts serve commercial and residential customers across America. Whether we work with an individual or a corporation, one piece or thousands, we enjoy bringing your visions to life.

Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about waterjet cutting and other custom manufacturing services.

Gates Made In America

This July, Double R Manufacturing is celebrating the artistic freedoms of being an American manufacturer of high-quality products and equipment. Proudly, our Florida-based team experiences the joy of designing and customizing an array of products each day, including American-made gates for property owners, communities, and organizations.

Through customization and security measures, American-made gates offer great benefits for residences, farms, ranches, campuses, businesses, parks, and gated neighborhoods.

Here are eight great reasons to choose Double R Manufacturing for your American-made entrance gates, fences, railings, products, equipment, and more:

  • Superior Quality: In contrast to lesser-quality products and costly imports from faraway lands, Double R’s gates are durably manufactured right here in the United States. Unlike the thin, easy-to-cut steel used by some foreign manufacturers, Double R works with only top-quality materials and metals to ensure both security and strength.
  • Sturdy Design: At Double R Manufacturing, each piece undergoes a design process of meticulous bending, cutting, and assembling to ensure the delivery of only the strongest specialty pieces. With precision and strength, each piece is designed for the perfect fit.
  • Full Customization: Single or double gates that swing or slide are available to meet your unique needs. Choose from fully welded security gates made with steel, durable aluminum, artistic features, ornamental finials, graphics, and monogramming. Rust-proof coatings are also available in thousands of colors for full customization of your gates and fences.
  • Trusted Reliability: In addition to customization and sturdiness, reliable security features are essential. Double R works with first-rate brands, including Chamberlain/Lift Master, Sentex Systems, Apollo, and others for gate accessories and parts.
  • Added Security: We go a step beyond most suppliers and big-box stores because we can install an array of security features, such as radio control, keypad, card, barcode, or telephone entry. There are also options for photo eyes, edge and magnetic sensing devices.
  • High Efficiency: Double R customizes gates for functionality and smooth operation. For further reliability, gate features and access systems may include battery back-up along with electric or solar power for enhanced reliability and efficiency.
  • Skilled Perfection: From sandblasting and water jet cutting, to custom fabrication and final powder coating, Double R’s specialists use top-quality materials to provide the highest standard in finished products, secured deliveries, and final installations.
  • Special Attention: Whether we work with an individual homeowner or a large organization, our goal is to always surpass your expectations.

Browse Double R Manufacturing’s galleries of gates and access systems. Most products and packages can be shipped out-of-state. Double R’s team looks forward to discussing your options for installation services in your area.

Let us help you customize the perfect gate for your property. Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to discuss your product needs and project goals. 

Fabricated Signs

Signage that stands out is essential for attracting attention during the summer months. That is why Double R Manufacturing is delivering sensible solutions and ideas for updating signs at your homes, businesses, parks, medical facilities, campuses, buildings, and other properties.

New Signs and Customized Designs to Make a Mark

  1. New Notices and Alerts: First and foremost, the most practical reason to update signage is to provide new notices and alerts.  Whether you have updated safety guidelines for on-site customers, or there are new directions needed for navigating a property – a new sign is a practical way to keep everyone safe and informed.
  2. Property Markers: The real estate market has been booming with the sale and transfer of properties big and small.  It makes sense that requests are soaring for exterior signage, interior directory signs, construction signs, and many other types of property markers.
  3. Start-Up Signage: Many new businesses are launching or re-opening, and Double R is providing customized signage to help them stand out from the crowd.  If you have a new business starting up this summer, a professional sign with your logo and customized branding is the answer for attracting prospective clients and customers.
  4. Summer Sales: Wall signs, banners, and other types of interior and exterior signs can help businesses advertise the latest sales and promotions. Depending on your unique goals, the possibilities are almost limitless for impressive styles and color customizations.
  5. Personalized Signs: Artfully, Double R’s in-house design team can produce gift-worthy signage customized with special patterns, names, or monograms. Create a custom sign with your last name for the big family reunion this summer, a unique sign for your barn, or a special gift of signage for a friend.
  6. Specialty Signage: At Double R, our designers use a wide range of materials and high-end tools to build special-order pieces for clients. Specialty signage includes custom stone, glass, wood, or metal signs.  For example, we create signs for glass cases to display trophies at schools as well as signs for boards in the employee breakroom at businesses.
  7. Weather-Resistant Signs: During the heat, humidity, and stormy conditions of summer, it is important to mention that sturdiness matters. Double R makes durability a top priority when designing built-to-last signage, including sensible signs with weather-proof design and rust-resistant powder coatings.

Double R Manufacturing takes pride in offering custom fabrication and design of one-of-a-kind signs. View our Signage Gallery [].

We work with individuals and corporations on customized projects big and small.  Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn about our products, equipment, and services.  

Equine Farm Equipment

Equine enthusiasts love this time of year – with spring in the air and horse races airing on television. Our Ocala-based team at Double R Manufacturing enjoys year-round equestrian life in “The Horse Capital of the World,” where we specialize in serving America’s equine communities with barn equipment customizations.

Our surrounding regions include hundreds of horse farms and training facilities. In fact, many national champions have grown up in our area. Some have competed in prestigious races, such as The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs Racetrack as well as the Preakness Stakes held annually in May.

American-Made Barn Accessories and Stable Equipment
Double R’s designers and artisans customize barn accessories and stable equipment to help safely care for horses and farm animals across the nation. With 75 years of combined experience in design and fabrication, we have become the expert source for American-made barn accessories. Here are the top four essentials to consider when buying stable equipment:

  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: A farm is no place for shoddy or low-quality parts.  As skilled manufacturers, Double R’s team ensures your American-made barn accessories and stable equipment are designed to last the long haul.  From the initial concept to the final fit, we never lose sight of the fact that you need superior products for sheltering, breeding, feeding, and caring for your beloved horses and farm animals.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Double R’s custom designs come in a wide selection of colors and rust-resistant finishes to endure the rough nature of equine settings. Of course, you can also trust us for the most heavy-duty materials. We specialize in everything from fully welded products made of steel to an array of barn accessories in aluminum or wood.
  • EQUINE EQUIPMENT: Double R is your source for essential equine equipment and products. We deliver stall doors and Dutch doors, stall fronts, window grills, window bars, sliding shutters with safety features, robust gates with accents and durable hardware, as well as stall-breeding stocks. View our gallery of products created for farmers, ranchers, and the equestrian community: Barn And Stall Equipment.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE ITEMS: Double R understands each farm has different needs. That is why we have honed skills in designing and customizing a wide array of equine accessories, such as customized signage featuring horse names or images, custom-made items for sheltering and feeding, personalized racks, blanket bars, and many other items.

The team at Double R Manufacturing designs barn equipment and accessories to make your life easier and your horses’ lives safer and more comfortable.

Contact Double R Manufacturing at (800) 813-3361 to learn more about our products and services. We will be happy to answer any questions.

In celebration of National Welding Month this April, the Florida-based team at Double R Manufacturing is listing a wide array of things to know about welding. If you have ever wondered what welders do, this is the list for you:

  1. As highly trained workers, welders are responsible for keeping the U.S. running with metal parts and products affecting all facets of our daily lives at home and at work.
  2. Skilled welders can create, install, and repair metal products by using heat to melt and fuse metal pieces and parts together.
  3. There is no shortage of materials for welders to fuse, including steel, stainless steel, sheet metal, brass, aluminum, or even thermoplastics.
  4. As part of the fabrication process, the welding technique can allow artisans to create products and equipment that are totally unique.
  5. From a blowtorch to an electric arc, certified welders know how to use an array of tools to join metal pieces together for total functionality and strength.
  6. Often, for new product designs and assembly, welding is performed in conjunction with cutting, shearing, punching, bending, folding, stamping, pressing, beading, and machining.
  7. Welding Certificate Programs include required courses and hands-on instruction. Different certifications range from six months to two years of training.
  8. There is a great demand and need to train new welders. The American Welding Society predicts we could have a shortage of 400,000 welders by the year 2024.
  9. As a true artform, professional welders and metal fabrication experts can provide customized pieces that outshine and outlast flimsy, assembly-line items.
  10. Whether complex products, artwork, equipment repairs, or new designs, the welders at Double R Manufacturing can offer custom solutions to complete your unique project.

Customized Metal Equipment and Durable Products
In addition to professional welding, Double R Manufacturing’s engineers and craftsmen have honed extraordinary skills in sandblasting, waterjet cutting, powder coating, and other techniques. Customers trust us for customized products and equipment like entrance gates, fences, railings, stairs, barn equipment, and breeding stalls. The list also includes custom signage, tables, bars, benches, carts, trailers, grills, wall art, yard art, and other specialty pieces.

Whether we work with an individual or a corporation, one piece or thousands, we enjoy bringing your product visions to life. Call Double R Manufacturing today at (800) 813-3361 to learn more.