Weatherproofing matters when it comes to outdoor metal items. Understanding how products are built can help you determine how long they will last outdoors.

Double R Manufacturing and Double R Machining are based in Ocala, Florida. We are no strangers to brutal heat and stormy weather. That is why our skilled experts put an emphasis on durability. In fact, it is a driving force of how we build and manufacture items.

Custom Design and Manufactured Metal Products

In terms of custom design, Double R’s team creates everything from one-of-a-kind outdoor metal items to specialty parts for mass production.  Setting us apart from other manufacturers are our skills in using the highest quality of metals, steel, aluminum, and other materials.

At Double R, our skilled experts specialize in array of processes for manufactured metal products for outdoors and indoors. Precisely choosing the right techniques for a job is how custom manufacturers ensure the perfect fit and assembly for longevity and functionality.

To name a few, the most important building specialties include metal fabrication, welding, CNC machining, manual machining, sandblasting, and waterjet cutting.

Whether we are designing metal-and-wood furniture for a restaurant, barn accessories, or a large entrance gate for a sprawling property – all items are built to last.

Solutions for Weatherproofing and Protecting Manufactured Items

Weatherproofing outdoor products and equipment is important for homeowners, businessowners, property managers, and ranchers alike. Outdoor metal items need protecting from wind, rain, and other conditions.

Of course, specifications for size and customized features are the focus of projects. What our customers also appreciate is how Double R’s designers also offer limitless solutions for rust-proof finishes in thousands of color options.

Double R takes every step necessary for protecting manufactured items with rust-inhibiting powder coatings. From small metal parts to extensive fencing and tall stairways, each project is customized and weatherproofed for long-lasting durability.

As for special requests, Double R’s artisans have wowed customers with outdoor metal tables, bars, benches, cabinets, trailers, cards, storage boxes, and signage.  Our superior service list also includes security gates, stairs, fences, railings, shutters, barn equipment, and an array of other items for outdoor settings.

Double R is prepared to manufacture, assemble, and deliver your outdoor metal items ready to handle rough weather. Contact Double R Manufacturing at (800) 813-3361.